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lack of focus:注意力不集中。
Didn't we just have a discussion about
your son's lack of focus?
Normally, this is due to a lack of focus
or being distracted.
Stress causes distraction and lack of
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学生注意力不够集中英语翻译,单独学习可以让学生更加集中注意力 的翻译是,Individual learning allows students more focused attention 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语

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Separate learning can allow students to more concentrated
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Individual learning allows students more focused attention
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Separate learning that students can be more focused attention
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aRaw Shell eggs 未加工的全蛋 [translate]
a我和我的朋友们都是足球迷所以当有一场足球赛时都在一起看比赛,但是多数时间都在我家看 I and the friends of mine all are the soccer fans when therefore has a soccer game all together is watching the competition, but the most time all looked in my family [translate]
a50 moo 2, tambon huaythachang 50 moo 2, tambon huaythachang [translate]
aThe scars of your love they leave me breathless 您的爱伤痕他们留给我气喘吁吁 [translate]
achinese(Traditional) 汉语(传统) [translate]
aI culdn't get through the door beause there was a big box in the way. 我 culdn 不通过 门 beause 在路线中有一个大的盒子。 [translate]
a正和我意 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a夜里我只能偷偷的想你 Night I only can secretly think you [translate]
aBecause you are the apple of my eye 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
awhere is the post office of the cimena 那里cimena的邮局 [translate]
a清理混凝土模板 Cleaning up concrete template [translate]
a他是高二年级的学生,今年十七岁 He is the high second year's students, this year 17 years old
aAs such, fashion plays a role in our perception of what is new and considered as fashionable. The hip hop craze was made fashionable as a result of the influence of music on an entire generation. 同样地,时尚在我们的什么的悟性扮演一个角色是新和考虑如时兴。 Hip Hop时尚使成为时兴由于音乐的影响对一个整个世代。 [translate]
a我永远都知道,你永远是最好的,我的熊 I forever all knew that, you forever are best, my bear [translate]
a人际交往 interpersonal; [translate]
a怎么不给我发张呢 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
aWe would be grateful to have you as our customer. Please accept these discounts as our gift. 我们会是感恩的有您作为我们的顾客。 请接受这些折扣作为我们的礼物。 [translate]
a有时候对于一个人来讲,死也是一种解脱,一种幸福。 Sometimes says regarding a person, dies also is one kind of extrication, one kind of happiness. [translate]
a(1)廣告回報:電視、廣播、報紙、網站的全方位立體報導,提高贊助商和賽事知名度。 [translate]
a我对你有意思 I am interesting to you [translate]
adeals with: elastic analysis, and experimental studies on the elastic response of box girder bridges 处理: 有弹性分析和关于梁木箱桥梁有弹性反应的实验性研究 [translate]
a自从他妻子去世以来,他一直独自生活。 Died since his wife, he continuously alone lives. [translate]
aTexte de la blonde, mais je dis。 文本白肤金发,但我认为。 [translate]
a设防烈度7度 Defended intensity 7 degrees [translate]
a我讨厌你手机关机 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a1 . 4 1. 4 [translate]
a而目前镁合金压铸技术是镁合金制造的主要方法 But the present magnesium alloy compression casting technology is the magnesium alloy manufacture main method [translate]
a阿们,感谢主 Amen, thanks the host [translate]
a单独学习可以让学生更加集中注意力 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
学生注意力不够集中英语翻译,“注意力不集中”英语怎么说?  第2张

学生注意力不够集中英语翻译,因为学生注意力不集中而突然提问 的翻译是,Because the students attention deficit disorder which suddenly questions 中文翻译英文

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Because students can not concentrate and suddenly questions
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Because students can not concentrate and suddenly questions
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Because the students attention deficit disorder which suddenly questions
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As the students' attention is not focused on questions of a sudden
翻译结果5.mytext')" class='d_copy'>复制译文.mytext')" >编辑译文.mytext','wlrd')" >朗读译文返回顶部
Not centralized and inquires suddenly because of the student attention
alaid-back 松弛 [translate]
a以..为背景 By. For background [translate]
a你好做作呢,我鄙视你的。 You quite artificial, I despise you. [translate]
amom porn 妈妈爱情 [translate]
ado you have genuin Leather bag or Briefcas ? do you have genuin Leather bag or Briefcas? [translate]
aRecently our school conducted a survey on if recycling 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a各位老师你们好,我非常高兴有这么难的的机会来展示自己。 Fellow teachers you are good, I have the such difficult opportunity to demonstrate extremely happily oneself. [translate]
a.The second step is to your career goals written down from time to time take a look at continuous improvement can also regularly review their plans and progress . 第二步是到您的写下的事业目标时常看一看在连续的改善可能通常也回顾他们的计划和进步 [translate]
ait is easier to get money than to keep money 得到金钱比保留金钱 [translate]
amixture of specialized lubricant and ester base oil 专业润滑剂和酯类基本的油混合物 [translate]
a首先,第二个方面,第三是,而且,最后 First, the second aspect, third is, moreover, finally [translate]
athant must be a lot more fun than taking a bus thant比乘公共汽车必须更大量是乐趣 [translate]
a ? ? ? 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
alegislation section chief 立法部长 [translate]
a当我们和外宾共餐时,要注意礼仪 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a你们去过行政中心吗?那儿的环境挺不错的。 You have gone to the administrative center? There environment very good. [translate]
a表明5份分离菌培养特性和生化特性基本一致,符合胸膜肺炎放线杆菌特性,具有很强的致病力 Indicated 5 isolate raise characteristic and biochemistry characteristic basic consistent, conforms to the peripneumonia to put the line bacillus characteristic, has the very strong pathogenicity [translate]
a在我们学校有一个图书馆,里面有许多有用的书和杂志。 Has a library in our school, inside has many useful books and the magazine. [translate]
aAre there hobbies of activities that you wish you could do but can't for different reasons? 有没有您祝愿活动的爱好您可能做,但不为不同的原因能? [translate]
a; Even though the text is set to System, Rainmeter will display [translate]
a详细配置 Detailed disposition [translate]
aIn this paper, we present a model-based exon detection [translate]
aplan session 计划会议 [translate]
a具体实现 Concrete realization [translate]
aDuly authorized to sign the authorization for and on behalf of ______________________________________ 交付地批准签署授权为和代表______________________________________ [translate]
aconfigure IM-UPS parameters 配置IM-UPS参量 [translate]
aI travel a lot for work 我为工作旅行很多 [translate]
a这个工作主要是为企业招聘,培训,留住好的人才 This work mainly is the enterprise employment advertise, training, detains the good talented person [translate]
aare you in wuhan now 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a非常高兴得到您的回复 あなたの応答を非常に幸福に得る [translate]
a最后愿你健康快乐 Finally is willing your health to be joyful [translate]
ajava lang NullpointerException Java lang NullpointerException [translate]
a我看看你的样子 I have a look your appearance [translate]
athat Your busness? 您的事务? [translate]
a我们对足球衣非常专业 We to full sports attire extremely specialized [translate]
a学习更加认真 The study is more earnest [translate]
a我不是一位安靜的人,可能不繼在你身邊煩擾著你! I am not a peaceful person, possibly discontinues in your side is bothering you! [translate]
a中国学生和美国学生在学习上有很大的差异 The Chinese students and the American student have the very big difference in the study [translate]
a一点也不差 Also is not bad [translate]
a去年的四月份你在哪里? Where last year in April were you at? [translate]
a男性也不安全,尤其是那些吃肉少,运动量却很大的男性 The male is unsafe, these eat the meat to be few in particular, physiological load of exercise actually very big male [translate]
ais the other picture I 35 years old 是另一张图片I 35年 [translate]
aIf I was a boy, I would have gone to seminary 如果我是男孩,我会去温床 [translate]
a我突然想起三圆的事情 I remember three circles suddenly the matters [translate]
a熟练运用windows操作系统和office,会VB程序汇编语言,熟悉计算机硬件及网络 Utilizes the windows operating system and office skilled, speaks the VB procedure assembly language, familiar computer hardware and network [translate]
aFirst one unit shall be provided to you 25% discounted price. 前一个单位将提供给您25%被打折的价格。 [translate]
aoh,i have had enough of you oh,我有足够您 [translate]
a谢谢你的邀请. Thanks your invitation. [translate]
aWe are on the same school 我们是在同一所学校 [translate]
ayou are late again 您再晚 [translate]
a约10%的人口一生中患过此病 In 10% population life has contracted this sickness approximately [translate]
aWhy are these in GBP and my other items that I won and already paid for are in us 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a排名差的高校 Places the bad university [translate]
a相信我 我的老婆 Believes my me the wife [translate]
a这些设备的作用 これらの装置機能 [translate]
a  I know a few classmates.But I am unfamiliar with everyone ,so I do not have friends in the new class . 我知道几个同学。但我是不熟悉的与大家,因此我在新的类没有朋友。 [translate]
a因为学生注意力不集中而突然提问 Not centralized and inquires suddenly because of the student attention [translate]
学生注意力不够集中英语翻译,“注意力不集中”英语怎么说?  第3张


In class, I always can not concentrate
I need you to focus, okay? No wedding day jitters

翻译:I always don't concentrate my attention in class.
concentratevt.& vi.集中; 专心于; 注意; 聚集;
词组: concentrate one's attention 集中某人注意力
补充:in class 在课堂上 in the class 在教室里
in hospital 住院 in the hospital 在医院里

My attention is always wandering in class
I'm always lack of concentration in class.

l always lose my concentration in class.

I can't always pay attention to the class.
学生注意力不够集中英语翻译,“注意力不集中”英语怎么说?  第4张

学生注意力不够集中英语翻译,所以学生们在课堂上睡觉,注意力不够集中,考出来的成绩也不理想 的翻译是,The students sleep in class, attention is not focused enough, ex

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Therefore, students in the classroom to sleep, concentration to test out the results are not satisfactory
翻译结果2.mytext')" class='d_copy'>复制译文.mytext')" >编辑译文.mytext','hjrd')" >朗读译文返回顶部
Therefore, students in the classroom to sleep, concentration to test out the results are not satisfactory
翻译结果3.mytext')" class='d_copy'>复制译文.mytext')" >编辑译文.mytext','msrd')" >朗读译文返回顶部
The students sleep in class, attention is not focused enough, exam results are not ideal
翻译结果4.mytext')" class='d_copy'>复制译文.mytext')" >编辑译文.mytext','bbrd')" >朗读译文返回顶部
Many students in the classroom, the focus of attention not enough sleep, to focus on the results are also not ideal
翻译结果5.mytext')" class='d_copy'>复制译文.mytext')" >编辑译文.mytext','wlrd')" >朗读译文返回顶部
Therefore the students sleep in the classroom, the attention insufficient centralism, tests the result is not ideal
a黄岛可以 The yellow island may [translate]
apueblo 镇 [translate]
a伤口内的多个位置 In wound many positions [translate]
a我就是这样的人 I am such person [translate]
a老师命令他离开教室 Teacher orders him to leave the classroom [translate]
a如果爱他,就把最好的东西给他 If loves him, gives the best thing he [translate]
a我不能 单独携帯框,请帮我 I cannot alone take along 帯 the frame, please help me [translate]
aThis is a bus. 这是公共汽车。 [translate]
a今年19岁 了,比我大一岁 19 years old, have been bigger than this year me a year old [translate]
aNow are you game? [translate]
a综合竞争实力 Synthesis competition strength [translate]
aRandomization, Assignment to Study, and Maintenance 随机化、任务学习的和维护 [translate]
ac) 话音电流沿着线路传送到对方电话机的受话器内, [translate]
a6 6个月流逝 [translate]
a可口可乐很注重员工的发展,员工的成长和公司的成功联系在一起,公司给员工提供很多机会去展现所能,让员工释放激情,实现梦想。 The Coca-Cola pays great attention to staff's development very much, staff's growth and company's success relates in together, the company provides very many opportunities to the staff to unfold energy, lets the staff release the fervor, the realization vainly hoped for. [translate]
a粉丝 Bean or sweet potato starch noodles [translate]
aincreases tarting cash by 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
aadministration 管理 [translate]
a一对父母 Pair of parents [translate]
ayou computer game is under your backpack 您计算机游戏是在您的背包之下 [translate]
ai i [translate]
aHorny video 有角的录影 [translate]
aare sally and rita 是突围和rita [translate]
azippo bradford.pa zippo bradford.pa [translate]
aasian milf ass 亚洲milf驴子 [translate]
a也可以带着孩子出去旅行 Also may lead the child to exit to travel [translate]
aSiucen July Siucen 7月 [translate]
ai lenk optical drive i lenk光驱 [translate]
agreat table tennis colletion 伟大的乒乓球colletion [translate]
aA:( )? B:My father is a manager. My mother is a nurse. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
aNow, it is commonly believed that 现在,它共同地被相信那 [translate]
a葵葵的朋友 kui kui friend [translate]
a正在打网球 He is playing tennis [translate]
aIt was the best film that i have seen 它是我看了的最佳的电影 [translate]
aAre Tina and Kate both students? Tina是否是和Kate两名学生? [translate]
a最后的最后,第三者成了我 Final final, the third party has become me [translate]
a我觉得好惊讶 I think surprised [translate]
a酒精 驾驶 Ethyl alcohol driving [translate]
ait hits a permanent fixture 它击中一套永久装置 [translate]
ain recent years,a generation has become a serious problem. I read a 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
ahere his baseball 这里他的棒球 [translate]
acold. 冷。 [translate]
amyanmar song 缅甸歌曲 [translate]
ai had nothing in my bank account but was given a brand new 我什么都没有在我的银行帐户,而是被给了全新 [translate]
athere is a big teachent's desk ,too中文是什么意思 there is a big teachent's desk, the too Chinese is any meaning [translate]
ai wish you were together forever 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a它的美味就在着岁月中,一点一滴的积累,慢慢填满记忆的盒子。 Its delicacy on in the years, the bit by bit accumulation, is filling up the memory slowly the box. [translate]
a? First Responder - Operations ? 第一台反应器-操作 [translate]
a胖丫 Fat bifurcation [translate]
aThonght(I'm loving U) 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
aYou Deep in may heart 您深深可以心脏 [translate]
aQQ you so cold, heartless I see you 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a有些事情是自己太在意了 其实它没什么的 Some matters were oneself too care about it not to have any actually [translate]
a不是因为别的 Is not because of other [translate]
a做大量的英语练习能开阔你的视野 Makes the massive English practice to be able to widen your field of vision [translate]
aI used to watch a little girl playing 我曾经观看一小女孩演奏 [translate]
a所以学生们在课堂上睡觉,注意力不够集中,考出来的成绩也不理想 Therefore the students sleep in the classroom, the attention insufficient centralism, tests the result is not ideal [translate]


The students always couldn't concentrate on their teachers when attending classes,because they always thought about surfing on the internet.
in class, i always can not concentrate
i need you to focus, okay? no wedding day jitters


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