你应该转移注意力用英语怎么说,你可以多做一些运动来转移注意力 的翻译是,You can do more exercises to divert attention 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语

2021/05/19 19:02 · 提高注意力训练 ·  · 你应该转移注意力用英语怎么说,你可以多做一些运动来转移注意力 的翻译是,You can do more exercises to divert attention 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语已关闭评论


你应该转移注意力用英语怎么说,你可以多做一些运动来转移注意力 的翻译是,You can do more exercises to divert attention 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语

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You can do some exercise to divert attention
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You can do more exercises to divert attention
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You can do more exercises to divert attention
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You may make some movements to divert the attention
a我非常期待高三生活,它给了我很大的发挥空间 I anticipated extremely the high three lives, it has given me the very big display space [translate]
a体育场有不同的形状 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a请输入您需要翻译的文本!时尚 Please input the text which you need to translate! Fashion [translate]
a拥有一个健康的生活方式是容易的,吃吃一个平衡饮食是重要的 Has a healthy life style is easy, eats a balanced diet is important [translate]
aSome students are very active,and they every day天天参加体育运动 有些学生是非常活跃和他们 每天天天参加体育运动 [translate]
aWAN connects two or more local-area networks over a potentially large geographic distance WAN连接两个或多个区域网在一个潜在地大地理距离 [translate]
athe only devices___the castle is along the old street 唯一的devices___the城堡是沿老街道 [translate]
afu wu li ’no ne ni 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a永远的知己 Forever friend [translate]
a她们希望交到一些朋友 They hoped hands over some friends [translate]
aBoutique fruit refined 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a你现在在哪儿 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
aBut to provide good traction for the traffic moving on it 但为移动它的交通提供好牵引 [translate]
aindividual opp bag 单独opp袋子 [translate]
a我们国庆也要放假 We National Day also must have a vacation [translate]
a行业大客户部 Profession big ministry of revenue [translate]
a10F,lzumi garden tower 1-6-1 roppongi,minato-ku,tokyo106-6010 10F, lzumi庭院塔1-6-1 roppongi, minato-ku, tokyo106-6010 [translate]
aWebSphere Admin File Transfer Application. WebSphere Admin文件传输应用。 [translate]
a来自沈阳,浑身洋溢着蓬勃朝气的歌手,已经出过超过40首音乐单曲。 Comes from Shenyang, the whole body is brimming with the vigorous vitality singer, already left has surpassed 40 music single tunes. [translate]
aWestminster chimes 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a你要照顧好自己 You must look after own [translate]
a“Anything wrong” “there was no objection on the part of those present”. “任何错误” “那里是没有反对在出席者部分”。 [translate]
aif you can't sleep,drink a glass of warm milk 如果您不可能睡觉,喝一杯温暖的牛奶 [translate]
a由于生活环境、经济条件等限制,他们看病难、找专家难成为普遍困难 Because limits and so on living conditions, current economic condition, they see a doctor difficultly, to ask the expert difficultly to become universally difficult [translate]
a有一本书在课桌上 Some book on school desk [translate]
a其中入职招工体检和保险投保体检各个环节均有医务人员严格把关,严防冒名顶替,确保体检结果的真实性。 In which enters the duty recruiting of workers physical examination and insurance insurance physical examination each link has the medical personnel to check strictly, takes strict precautions against assumes a false identity, guarantees the physical examination result the authenticity. [translate]
aWill you have these cables and letters sent?how much will they be? 您是否把这些缆绳和信送?他们将是多少? [translate]
awhat did you not do at home? 您在家没有做什么? [translate]
acan you hear me clearly from far away? 您能清楚地听见我从很远? [translate]
a祝愿你生意兴隆 Wishes your business good [translate]
a她宁可买一件红色的T-shirt而不是黑色 But she rather buys red T-shirt is not the black [translate]
a被那个大学生救起的那个 That is rescued which by that university student [translate]
a很庆幸有你陪在我身边 爱你 Rejoices very much has you to accompany in my side loves you [translate]
aScold me satur,very sad 责骂我satur,非常哀伤 [translate]
ahundreds were thrown 上百被投掷了 [translate]
aWhat works under 什么运作下面 [translate]
aThe long and difficult sentences I choose. 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a你想用那个聊天工具视屏通话 You want to use that to chat the tool to regard the screen telephone conversation [translate]
a他经常在学校上帮助我 He frequently helps me on the school [translate]
a小时候,理查德在学地理时,听老师在课上讲到古老神秘的中国,从此对中国十分向往。 In childhood, Richard when study geography, listens to teacher to talk about ancient mystical China in the class, from this time on yearned for extremely to China. [translate]
a我不能依靠他的帮助了,否则我以后什么事情都不能独自完成 I could not depend upon his help, otherwise I later any matter all will not be able alone to complete [translate]
aif you have a sore throat you better drink some hot tea on honey 如果您有喉咙痛您在蜂蜜更好喝一些热的茶 [translate]
a2. They did not reopen the Pandora’s Box they had peeked into in 1972. 2. 他们没有再开Pandora的箱子1972年他们偷看了入。 [translate]
a对人们有益 To people beneficial [translate]
aJohn,a friend where they both grew up, remembers his solemn friend praying seven times a day (two more than mandated by Islamic convention) and fasting twice a week in imitation of the Prophet Muhammad. 约翰,朋友,他们长大,记得他庄严的朋友祈祷七次每天(二更比由伊斯兰教的大会要求)和每个星期两次斋戒在先知Muhammad的模仿。 [translate]
a我是来 读博士的! I am read doctor! [translate]
a损坏性医疗废物 Damage medical service waste [translate]
aI love you dear mother 我爱你亲爱的母亲 [translate]
aVideocon Industries Videocon产业 [translate]
aexpectance 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a我对新老师还是原来的老师都感到无所谓 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a在日记上 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
aEvery family is said to have at least one skeleton in the cupboard. 每个家庭在碗柜说有至少一骨骼。 [translate]
a我对我的新老师还是原来的老师都感到无所谓 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
aSuch an original name! 这样一个原始的名字! [translate]
a你不是美国人吗 You are not the American [translate]
a你可以多做一些运动来转移注意力 You may make some movements to divert the attention [translate]
你应该转移注意力用英语怎么说,你可以多做一些运动来转移注意力 的翻译是,You can do more exercises to divert attention 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语  第1张


它 会 吸引 任何 女人 的 注意力 。
It will grab any woman 's attention .
那么 我们 是 怎么 注意 的 呢 ?
So how is that we pay attention ?
在 细心 的 医疗 照顾 下 禅师 很 快 康复 , 之後 立刻 投入 到 正常 教学 中 。
With this medical attention , he recovered , and was almost immediately back to his regular teaching schedule .
你应该转移注意力用英语怎么说,你可以多做一些运动来转移注意力 的翻译是,You can do more exercises to divert attention 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语  第2张

你应该转移注意力用英语怎么说,转移你的注意力 的翻译是,Transfer your attention 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语

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Shift your attention
翻译结果2.mytext')" class='d_copy'>复制译文.mytext')" >编辑译文.mytext','hjrd')" >朗读译文返回顶部
Shift your attention
翻译结果3.mytext')" class='d_copy'>复制译文.mytext')" >编辑译文.mytext','msrd')" >朗读译文返回顶部
Transfer your attention
翻译结果4.mytext')" class='d_copy'>复制译文.mytext')" >编辑译文.mytext','bbrd')" >朗读译文返回顶部
Transfer your attention
翻译结果5.mytext')" class='d_copy'>复制译文.mytext')" >编辑译文.mytext','wlrd')" >朗读译文返回顶部
Diverts your attention
a你身体还好吧,鲍勃 null [translate]
a在金华我们不能水边乱丢垃圾,不能随地吐痰 We cannot the water's edge randomly throw trash in Jinhua, cannot spit everywhere [translate]
ait would never end 它未曾会结束 [translate]
a超过四分之一 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a我喜欢电影 I like the movie [translate]
aHello!I want your help,I want to buy new products,Food products.can you give me a best price?waiting... ... 你好! 我想要您的帮助,我想要买新产品,食物您给我一个最佳的价格的products.can ?等待… ... [translate]
aclick on an offer for more details: 点击一个提议为更多细节: [translate]
athe computer without shutting down the computer. You can insert [translate]
a她经常给她父母写信,但她从来没有收到过她父母的来信 She writes a letter frequently to her parents, but she has not received her parents' incoming letter [translate]
a不完备信息系统在某些情形下也可以作为一类特殊的集值信息系统进行研究 The incomplete information system under certain situations also may take a kind of special collection value information system conducts the research [translate]
aeffluent 流出物 [translate]
ahow are you today 今天怎么样您 [translate]
a神啊,你能在给我次机会吗 The god, you can give me the inferior opportunity [translate]
a“It is not just our computers that are being reprogrammed; it is customers themselves,” says Wind. “它不仅被重编程序的我们的计算机; 它是顾客”,风说。 [translate]
athe diameter of a basketball 篮球的直径 [translate]
acome to one's patry 来到一. patry [translate]
a但是不要说我很幸运,如果晚一天就要四年过一次生日了 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
aMAKE UP FOREVER 组成永远 [translate]
a提倡穿校服,不准打耳洞 The advocate puts on the school uniform, does not permit to hit the ear hole [translate]
aLoose kernels means edible kernels or kernel portions which are out of the shell and which 不可能被认为微粒和尘土。 [translate]
akeep bottle tightly capped when not in use 保持瓶紧紧加盖,当没在使用 [translate]
aSTAINLESS CASTING 不锈的铸件 [translate]
a担心某人做某事 Worried somebody makes something [translate]
a刚刚来时非常的不开心 Just came when unusual unhappy [translate]
a不好的一方面 On the one hand not good [translate]
aThe telephone number is busy now! 电话号码现在是繁忙的! [translate]
a在家吗,陪我聊天 In the home, accompanies me to chat [translate]
a损益 Profit and loss [translate]
a请你告诉我你的要求,以便我们为你提供跟好的服务 Asks you to tell me you the request, in order to we provide for you with the good service [translate]
ayour ipad is ready for use 您的ipad即可用 [translate]
a窦嘉豪爱任璐 Dou Jia bold love no matter what fine jade [translate]
a汽车会产生大量的尾气污染大气 The automobile can produce the massive exhaust pollution atmosphere [translate]
athe girl in a bike is Rose 女孩在自行车是罗斯 [translate]
a特别当我踏入图书馆,看着图书馆里坐满了看书的人,我是震撼的 I tread into the library when specially, looks in the library has been occupied the human who reads, I am shock [translate]
a我获得一些专业奖学金 I obtain some specialized scholarships [translate]
anetworking site 网络站点 [translate]
atook partin the competition 采取了partin竞争 [translate]
aPlease give details of any extra-curriculum activities you participated during university 相关的认为 [translate]
aDo you love me some more ? ? 您爱我有些执行 [translate]
a--a lot --很多 [translate]
aI'll meet you at twelve o'clock 我将遇见您在12点 [translate]
a锻炼你的身体 Exercises your body [translate]
a亲爱的 继续吗 Dear continuation [translate]
a你能记得他们的名字吗 You can remember their name [translate]
a请翻译一下 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a熬夜对健康是不好的 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a适应这种教学模式 Adapts this kind of educational model [translate]
a正常发音 Normal pronunciation [translate]
a但是为了自己能够提升,于是选择到贵公司工作 But in order to own can promote, therefore chooses your firm work [translate]
a在梳妆台上。 On dressing table. [translate]
aThe old woman is ____her dog . 老妇人是____her狗。 [translate]
asweet ass 甜驴子 [translate]
a我认为你要告诉他不要太紧张 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
aдействительно развитие [translate]
a没有听说过 Has not heard [translate]
a新生的一辈们正在逐渐步入社会并享受着战后发展的黄金时期 正在翻译,请等待... [translate]
a转移你的注意力 Diverts your attention [translate]
你应该转移注意力用英语怎么说,你可以多做一些运动来转移注意力 的翻译是,You can do more exercises to divert attention 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语  第2张



a red herring

red herring

a force or person that inspires sb. to write, paint, etc

distraction hypothesis


a red herring

attention transfer ability

divert public attention

Transfer their attention
Shift their attention


你应该转移注意力用英语怎么说,转移注意力是什么意思 转移注意力在线翻译 转移注意力什么意思 转移注意力的意思 转移注意力的翻译 转移注意力的解释

1. 转移注意力在线翻译
1. 其实当注意力被转移时,负面情绪亦同时被推到更深的潜意识层面,使得原有的不净烦恼在此层面中不断繁衍圹增。
In fact, by diverting the attention you push the negativity deep into the unconscious, and there you continue to generate and multiply the same defilement.
2. 其实当注意力被转移时,负面情绪亦同时被推到更深的潜意识层面,使得原有的不净烦恼在此层面中不断繁衍圹增。
Actually, by diverting the attention, one pushes the negativity deep into the unconscious, and on this level one continues to generate and multiply the same defilements.
3. 内扩网也使公司把注意力重新从技术转移到构成商务活动的内容上;本站所提供的易城商务网之易城商务网,如您有需要参加,请与本站客服联系。
Extranets also allow a corporation to refocus attention from technology toward the elements that make a business run.
4. 它将放慢议价,转移注意力,你价格。
It will slow down the price negotiations and divert your attention away from the price.
5. 流血的伤口使老虎不安,开始舔自己伤口,豺群利用老虎注意力转移的时机群起攻击,咬向老虎的各个部位。
When the bleeding unsettled the tiger and he began licking the blood, the whole pack took advantage of the tiger's diversion of attention and attacked him en masse, biting all over him.
6. 此外,如果你想将人们更多的注意力转移到肩部,露背吊带装会让你的肩膀看起来更宽一些!
Also, if you want to put more emphasis on your shoulders a halter top will broaden them more!
7. 他的注意力转移到了建立一个新学科的事业上。
He was diverted to the cause of setting up a brand new institute.
8. danci.911cha.com
8. 然而,在最后三十年里,他的注意力转移到了对河流和那些住在还未开发利用的森林里的部落福祉的保护上。
In his last three decades, however, his focus shifted to the preservation of rivers and the well-being of the tribes who lived in the unexploited forest.
9. 转移注意力
9. 转移重点;转移注意力。
Shift the emphasis; shift one's attention.
10. 现在大家的注意力转移到了用更有利的原料来生产生物燃料-包括木片和其他形式的的农业垃圾。
Attention has now turned to more benign feedstocks for biofuels—including wood-chips and other forms of agricultural waste.
11. 他把他的注意力转移到其他事情上。
He jibed his attention to other things.
12. 朗丽湖酒堡有了改善后,Frey 先生把注意力转移到法国其它的著名酒区,看是否有历史悠久的酒厂需要关注。
Once improvements had been carried out at Chateau La Lagune, Mr Frey turned his attention to other famous areas of France where a winery with a long history was in need of some attention.
13. 因此,企业作为纳税人其注意力将自觉不自觉地转移到应纳税款上。
Therefore, the enterprises as its attention to the taxpayers, consciously or unconsciously, to transfer tax liability on.
14. 我将会把我的注意力从你身上转移。
I will put my attantion away from your.
15. 转移注意力的翻译
15. 1点多钟,下午的考生一个个出去考试,我看的相当紧张,真有人不过啊…好在牙痛成功的转移了我的注意力,3点多,下午的考生便结束考试了。
Schumacher was at the wheel of an Audi Cabriolet, but we don`t yet know what speed he was going - although German police have confirmed that he was stopped for speeding in a 100kph zone.
16. 转移注意力的翻译
16. 8年前,硬收费特工让他的注意力被转移的第二次分裂。
Eight years earlier, the hard-charging Secret Service agent allowed his attention to be diverted for a split second.
17. 但布什总统此次前往访问乌里贝总统之行,被巨大阴云所笼罩,你知道的,我认为两位总统能够成功扭转局面,转移国会与安全机构对腐竹军事影响丑闻的注意力。
But President Bush has this visit with President Uribe when there is a very large political cloud hanging over his head and I think that both presidents will try to manage the spin to keep the spotlight away from the scandal having to do with paramilitary influence in the congress and in the security services.
18. 转移注意力
18. 因此,外界担心天性强硬的安倍会无故地以民族主义来挑衅中国、韩国和朝鲜,以试图转移选民对国内低迷经济的注意力。
So it is feared that Mr Abe, a hardliner by instinct, will try to distract voters from a dismal domestic record by gratuitous nationalistic provocation of China, and South and North Korea.
19. 911查询·英语单词
19. 自从奇瑞 QQ 系列微型车在国内市场取得巨大成功以后,国内更多的汽车厂商开始把注意力逐渐转移到这一细分市场。
Since Chery got hit in Chinese market, more automakers have diverted their attention to the mini car market.
20. 冲浪的墨菲(注5)等等/披着日本毛毯的性爱小广告转移了我的注意力,他问在墨西哥瓦拉塔港他的民谣演唱集会上是不是见过我/我说没有你肯定搞错了。
Gets my attention by asking didn`t he see me at this hootenanny down in puerto Vallarta, mexico/i say no you must be mistaken.
你应该转移注意力用英语怎么说,你可以多做一些运动来转移注意力 的翻译是,You can do more exercises to divert attention 中文翻译英文意思,翻译英语  第4张

你应该转移注意力用英语怎么说,转移重点;转移注意力。,shift the emphasis; shift one's attention.,音标,读音,翻译,英文例句,英语词典



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1) shift the emphasis; shift one's attention.


2) attention shift



Three issues are discussed:(1)Whether attention shifts before endogenous saccades;(2)To what degree attention shift couples with endogenous saccades;(3)The effects of attention characteristics on the relationship between endogenous saccade and attention shift.

该文对自 2 0世纪 80年代以来有关注意在内源性眼跳计划中作用的研究所取得的进展做了简要概述 ,主要讨论了以下三个问题 :(1 )眼跳前是否存在注意的转移 ;(2 )注意转移位置与眼跳位置是否一致 ;(3 )注意的性质对内源性眼跳与注意关系的影响。


3) attention transfer ability


4) the transformation of attention


5) switching attention


6) Attentional set shifting








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